The Wise Enterprise

Communicate with enterprise chatbots leveraging Skype and available agents.

Chime in, Get Help - Service Desk using Microsoft Lync®

“Our first-call resolution rate increased by 85%, and our issue resolution time dropped significantly, where issues that had been taking 24 hours to resolve are now being closed in under 5 minutes."
Global Pharmaceutical, Director of IT Support Services.
your employees where and how they want to communicate with single-click chat access to help desk support. Reduce server traffic by streamlining common work activities to chatbots with self-service and resolution.
your service desk and support operations. Transform agents into heroes with expert answers. Raise first call resolution rate and easy issue escalation to keep employees readily available to work.
Skype using enterprise chatbots to auto-accept conversations with interactive and lifelike service bot architecture. Leave simple requests to the chatbots to increase productivity and allow for a better customer experience.
to an agent using deep learning to interpret user questions, or by user request. Only alert agents when necessary and prompt chatbots to record contacts of satisfied customers.