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Instant Hosted Install and Setup

High-Level Chime for Teams Installation Road Map

Azure and Teams Prerequisites

Basic Setup and Tenant Authorization

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Azure and Teams Prerequisites

Before creating a hosted instance of Chime for Teams, we will need to complete a few steps related to O365 authorization and API access. This involves retreiving account information from your Azure Active directory and creating and configuring an App Registration.

At a high level, Chime for Teams will need to be configured to securely communicate with several external services as well as access the following resources:

  • Microsoft Azure AD
  • Microsoft Office 365 Graph APIs
  • Microsoft Bot Framework

As part of this installation and configuration process, a tenant administrator for the Microsoft Office 365 tenant may need to perform several actions in order to provide the necessary authorization for the Chime server.

  • Certificate requestor
  • Administrator for O365 domain
Instant Hosted Chime Office 365 Prerequisites (pdf)

Basic Setup and Tenant Authorization

Once you have all of the prerequisites set up for Azure and Teams, there are a few steps that must be completed before you will have access to your Chime instance. Someone at Instant-Tech will contact you with the walkthrough of these next steps in addition to what we have here.

  1. The first thing that you need to do is have an Office 365 admin log into the Chime instance and grant Chime Graph API permissions
  2. You will need to send us the Office 365 tenant ID for your Azure Tenant
  3. We will confirm the Tenant Domain that you are using for the Instant Hosted instance
  4. You will need to provide us the name of the first Chime Administrator who will access your Chime for Teams instance

Here is a write-up on how to complete the above steps once your Chime instance has been created and all of the prerequisites have been completed:

Chime Admin Authorization

What to do Next?

Once you have installed Chime for Teams, you will want to get it set up for chat routing and be able to customize it for your deployment. Take a look at our page here for the next steps

Configure your Microsoft Teams Service Desk