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Instant Chime - Service Desk using Slack

Instant Chime for Slack marks the next step in the evolution of the enterprise service desk leveraging Slack.

We have a few core concepts driving many of the features in this release:

  • Service Desk platform using Slack
  • Add chat bots for self-service and deflection (IBM Watson)
  • Conversational UI using Slack dialog cards and templates
  • Add cognitive services for sentiment analysis (IBM Watson)
  • More than 30 charts and reports to monitor usage, metrics, and bot integration

High Level Demo and Presentation


Charts and Reports

With Chime for Slack, you can quickly render, download, and export many types of charts and reports about the conversations that have taken place within Chime.

  • Both managers and admins have the ability to view both system level and queue level charts and reports.
  • Managers can only view charts and reports for the queue or queues they are responsible for managing.
  • Admins can view charts and reports for any and all queues within the entire system.

Click Here ⇨ Complete List of Charts and Reports.

Prerequisites and Install

For the prerequisites of setting up Chime for Slack, click here » Chime Prerequisites

For a list of steps on getting Chime for Slack installed, click here » Install Guide


We understand Instant Chime will be deployed and managed as a part of a larger, more complex enterprise IT ecosystem. Our design-centric approach focuses on ease of use in both the back and front end of the solution. Instant customers leverage their existing Slack framework with no additional heavy technology lift for a clean installation process and a modern user interface so help desk agents can be up and servicing employees quickly with minimal training.


Chime integrates with your existing systems allowing you to extract more value out of your infrastructure investments. With Chime you own both the application and the data. Chime pricing is based on a per-queue model according to the number of agents you can invite into a session for support. With other solutions typically priced based on a per agent/per year annual fee, costs can mount quickly. Our sliding scale supports an ROI based on increased agent productivity and leveraging your existing IM and UC platform investment.

* Note - Chime is also available for Microsoft Lync®/Skype for Business® and XMPP. Click on one of the links below to be taken to the corresponding website.

chimeLync Chime for Microsoft Lync® Cloud Hosted Service Desk using Microsoft Skype for Business and O365 Instant Chime in the Cloud chimeXMPP Chime for XMPP