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  • Brand New Guest Experience

    One of the biggest additions to Chime 2.6 is the all new out-of-the-box guest experience. With the new Chime Home and queue pages, guests can now come and search through categories and get connected to an agent via skill tag routing. Guests can also choose a number of settings such as background, layout, and theme. We've also added a Guest Dashboard so guests can see their chat and alert histories, and even rate and comment on a chat session.

  • Improved Deflection and Routing

    We've added several new features for better deflection and routing. Managers can now create and configure routing tags at the queue level. They can create and assign suggestions to queue routing tags that will be displayed to the guest on the home page. (We've even added drag and drop support to make reordering tags and suggestions a breeze!) Suggestions can have a significant impact on deflecting guests through self help, and those that do need to chat can be routed to the agent that is assigned that routing tag for quick and specialized support. To further support this concept, we've added an IVR-like menu to both the web client and the Lync/S4B clients. This menu will allow guests to select a problem area and be routed to an agent with that skill tag.

  • Stability and Performance

    We've added a substantial amount of stability and performance changes to Chime 2.6. Chime works better than ever for Office 365 deployments, thanks to queue stability improvements and auto-recovery capabilities. The development team is on the cutting edge of new roll-outs with the Skype for Business Online API, and we’ve been able to achieve 10x performance improvement for alerting with new changes to the UCWA API. We’ve also added monitoring capabilities to provide the best experience for Chime administrators. The new Chime Health Monitor app and API provides comprehensive health monitoring of the system and will notify admins within minutes if the service loses functionality.

  • Integration, Alerts, and Reporting

    With new and smarter virtual agents Chime integration has taken another giant leap forward. Alerts support multiple languages, ability to upload alert recipients from a .txt file, and more. There are a dozen new charts and reports.

  • Internationalization

    The entire Chime app now has the ability to be translated into another language at the click of a button. Each guest and user can set their own language preference from a list of languages in the footer. Currently, we support English, German, Spanish, French, and Finnish. The translation files are also easily accessible so they can be fine-tuned if needed.

  • Microsoft Lync 2010

    Like most other Skype and Lync clients, Microsoft Lync 2010 can easily be used in Chime for Lync 2.6. To view a video demo or photo gallery of Lync 2010 being used, click one of the two links below.

Main New Features and Improvements:

  • Guest Home Page

  • Queue Home Page

  • Guest Dashboard

  • Agent Dashboard

    • Completely redesigned to be more useful and informative
    • Availability/presence history for a particular agent on agent dashboard
  • Alerts

    • Ability to send an email when an alert expires
    • Upload alert recipients in text file
    • Alert Expiration - Add 1 hr and 1 day radio buttons
    • Change default alert expiration to 24 hours instead of 1 week
    • Configurable send Alert retry time
    • Configurable send email after Alert expires timeout
    • Yes/No option style for custom alerts
    • Reports/Stats for custom alert yes/no options
    • Alert Report: Improved the "Alert Delivery Over Time" chart
    • Alert Report: Show last known presence of unsent alerts
  • Queue Settings

    • Redesigned Queue Settings UI
    • New Broadcast routing method
    • New text resource for when another expert grabs the session first
    • New UI for assigning and routing tags
    • Drag and drop functionality for reordering routing tags (the order they will be displayed on the Queue Home page)
    • Added a setting to allow the queue's dispatcher to send out emails instead of the default SMTP account
    • New setting for publishing suggestions to the Queue Home Page
    • New setting to allow agents ability to enable/disable themselves from their agent dashboard
    • Virtual Agents has it's own tab now
    • The Standard Replies area has been relocated from Text Resources to the Queue Dashboard under Suggestions & Replies
    • Two new system variables:
      1. {SkillTags} - Allows agents to view Skill Tags associated with the session before picking the chat
      2. {AlertUrl} - When added to the AlertFooter text resource, the recipient of a standard alert will be able to click the generated link and go to the enhanced alert page, which will acknowledge that they viewed the alert
  • Queue Dashboard

    • New Suggestions area for creating and managing suggestions and their settings
    • Allow managers to disable/enable the experts in their queue
    • Include Queue name in report download CSVs, instead of just the ID
    • Managers and Reviewers can now add skill tags to agents
    • Managers and Reviewers to associate tags with chat sessions
  • Admin

    • Basic health monitoring API for F5 and Chime Health Monitor app to determine if Chime service is running
    • New UI for creating tags (skill/routing tags)
    • New default skill tags
    • Ability to associate icons to tags
    • Allow replacement of the Chime logo
    • SQL Command Timeout
    • Logging options (delete after n days)
    • Add SMTP and AD support for Virtual Agents
    • Force HTTPS option for On-Premise deployment
    • Web Client setting to enable sound notification
    • Ability to customize the web client Title element (what is displayed in the browser tab)
    • Send customizable email if guest request times out
    • Email notification when web client reconnects after failure
    • Show any LyncOnlineQueue.exe that is running in control panel
  • Web Client

    • Office 365 typing notifications in web client
    • Improved UI for O365 web client
  • Context Window

    • Standard Replies - Allow editing before sending standard reply
    • Agent Assist Tool - Show queue notification requests differently
  • System Dashboard

    • System Dashboard and System Reports have been separated
    • Redesigned UI for Manager section
  • Miscellaneous

    • A new Deflected state for chats
    • SignalR FIPS support - Implemented the crypto for dispatcher passwords and Chimehub traffic
    • Improved installer for upgrades
    • High availability support in installer
    • New user dropdown nav with links to agent and queue dashboards, as well as logging out
  • Internationalization

Other New Features:

Bug Fixes:

  • Addressed issue: Race condition when using Windows Authentication in Web Client
  • Check if the queue is running before sending an alert
  • Reestablish queue UCMA endpoint in case of sporadic disconnection
  • Addressed issue: SQL Authentication success prompt was not coming up successfully
  • Service Account Passwords are now encrypted
  • When events are saved in system logs, passwords are no longer included
  • Addressed issue: Data leakage due to improper access control enforcement
  • Chat history is now showing up for a guest added to an ongoing chat
  • Agent added into ongoing chat will now show up in reports