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What is Instant Chime for Microsoft Lync/S4B?

IM enable your internal and/or external service desks with Instant Chime to extend the value of your Microsoft Lync® / Skype for Business® investment and connect employees, customers, and agents in real-time. After more than 10 years of developing IM-based chat solutions for large enterprise help desk and service centers, we built Chime to meet the scalability, agent routing and integration needs of today’s social enterprise.

Chime supports the following platforms: Lync Online, Skype for Business Microsoft Office 365, Lync 2010/2013 on premise, and Skype for Business 2015/2016 on premise.

Install and Get Started

For a list of steps on getting started with Chime, click here » Install and Getting Started

For several ways of connecting to your Chime queue, click here » How to Deploy a Queue

For new features and known issues of Chime, click here » Release Notes

For more information about using Virtual Agents, click here » Virtual Agent Integration

For Steps on how to deploy an external web client using Chime Hub integration, click here » Chime Hub Steps

High Level Demo and Presentation

Charts and Reports

With Chime for Microsoft Lync®, you can quickly render, download, and export many types of charts and reports about the conversations that have taken place within Chime.

  • Both managers and admins have the ability to view both system level and queue level charts and reports.
  • Managers can only view charts and reports for the queue or queues they are responsible for managing.
  • Admins can view charts and reports for any and all queues within the entire system.

Click Here ⇨ Complete List of Charts and Reports.


We understand Instant Chime will be deployed and managed as a part of a larger, more complex enterprise IT ecosystem. Our design-centric approach focuses on ease of use in both the back and front end of the solution. Instant customers leverage their existing Lync® framework with no additional heavy technology lift for a clean installation process and a modern user interface so help desk agents can be up and servicing employees quickly with minimal training.


Chime integrates with your existing systems allowing you to extract more value out of your infrastructure investments. With Chime you own both the application and the data. Chime pricing is based on a per-queue model according to the number of agents you can invite into a session for support. With other solutions typically priced based on a per agent/per year annual fee, costs can mount quickly. Our sliding scale supports an ROI based on increased agent productivity and leveraging your existing IM and UC platform investment.

Introducing Chime 2.6

Instant Chime 2.6 marks the next step in the evolution of the enterprise service desk leveraging Microsoft Lync® 2013 / Skype for Business®. We have a few core concepts driving many of the features in this release:

  • With the new Chime Home and queue pages, guests can now come and search through categories and get connected to an agent via skill tag routing.
  • User-configured suggestions can have a significant impact on deflecting guests through self help, and those that do need to chat can be routed to the agent that is assigned that routing tag for quick and specialized support.
  • Alerts now support multiple languages, the ability to upload alert recipients from a .txt file, and more.
  • The entire Chime app now has the ability to be translated into another language at the click of a button.
  • Like most other Skype and Lync clients, Microsoft Lync 2010 can now be easily used.
  • A substantial amount of stability and performance changes to Chime 2.6.


  • Enterprise IM Alerts - Send IM-based alerts via Lync® right from the Chime application
  • Outages - To be displayed in both the web client and skype/lync client to guests coming into a queue
  • Flexible User Interface for Agents - Virtual Agents can also work with the new Agent Assist Tool to provide custom services in the agent's Context Window Extension navigation pane
  • Configurable Web Client - Features such as agent picture, logo, or form fields would be configurable in the app UI. Ability to have multiple web clients on the same Chime server
  • Persistent Chat Rooms - Used as a back channel for agents and managers to communicate. One each for managers and agents per queue
  • Agent and Queue Pictures - Agents and queues can have photos
  • Agent Assist Tool - Ability to auto accept Chime conversation invitations and context window extension support for Office 365
  • Edit past conversation's status - Ability to mark a conversation as resolved/unresolved and add additional comments after the conversation is complete
  • 'No Chat' option for agents - Ability to turn chats on/off for an agent in queue settings
  • Allow reports to have times specified - Date pickers in the reports section would allow a user to specify a time to search for in the report
  • Add date selector to agent dashboard - Allow managers to see agent's past history
  • Virtual Agents - The virtual agent layer will provide integration via compiled C# or C# as script in order to:
    1. Provide pre-chat integration with other systems - i.e. lookup customer’s email against ServiceNow, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, or in house ITSM solution and retrieve all open tickets and/or assign routing tags
    2. Stage additional UI in the agent’s context window based on the pre-chat lookup. This will allow agents to see UI from other systems based on the customer and/or lookup in step 1 (i.e. new ticket UI)
    3. Provide basic virtual conversational agent functionality (ask a series of questions and then assign routing options – scripted or C# and our Virtual Agent SDK)
    4. Post-chat event handling – to allow Instant Chime to post the entire conversation, as well as metadata, to any external system

    Virtual Agents are such a powerful new feature that we've created its own page. » Virtual Agent integration.


Demo Movies

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* Note - Instant Chime is also available in the Cloud, for IBM Sametime®, and XMPP. Click on one of the links below to be taken to the corresponding website.

Cloud Hosted Service Desk using Microsoft Skype for Business and O365 Instant Chime in the Cloud chimeST Chime for IBM Sametime® chimeXMPP Chime for XMPP