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Chime for Lync - The ITSM tool that makes service desks more productive and employees more efficient.

Chime in, Get Help - IT Service Management, Microsoft Lync®

“Our first-call resolution rate increased by 85%, and our issue resolution time dropped significantly, where issues that had been taking 24 hours to resolve are now being closed in under 5 minutes."
Global Pharmaceutical, Director of IT Support Services.
internal or external service desk users to agents in the most efficient way possible-IM chats. Easily escalate to screen sharing and video conferencing when necessary. Our IT management solution helps alleviate long wait times, multiple escalations, and language barriers.
your service desk and IT service model with Chime for Lync®. Expert answers help agents resolve cases faster and increase first call resolution rates. Customizable routing methods match users to the right agent the first time, resulting in fewer escalations and more satisfied employees.
your agent productivity and knowledge base with multiple concurrent chat sessions handled and resolved. Manage more cases with fewer resources and lower average speed-to-answer times.
and bring Chime ITSM application to life in just 30 minutes, leveraging your existing Microsoft Lync® environment. Extend the value of your Lync® investment with Instant Chime - the quintessential IT Service Management tool.