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Leverage Lync® to optimize your Help desk to increase employee productivity.

Chime in, Get Help - Help Desk using Microsoft Lync®

“Our first-call resolution rate increased by 85%, and our issue resolution time dropped significantly, where issues that had been taking 24 hours to resolve are now being closed in under 5 minutes."
Global Pharmaceutical, Director of IT Support Services.
Lync® to connect your company employees where and how they want to communicate with single-click chat access to IT and help desk support. Eliminate staff frustration due to long wait times, multiple escalations, and language barriers.
your IT and help desk operations. Transform agents into heroes with quick and expert answers. Higher first call resolution rate and easy issue escalation result in faster case resolution, making employees more efficient and productive.
your help desk and agent productivity with multiple concurrent chat sessions. Manage more cases with fewer resources to lower speed-to-answer times.
and bring Chime to life in just 30 minutes leveraging your existing Microsoft Lync® environment. Minimize impact on your resource-constrained professional IT help desk staff.