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Connect employees with your service desk using Microsoft Lync

Chime in, Get Help - Help Desk chat support using Microsoft Lync

"We’ve been able to achieve a high level of integration with our business systems by using Active Directory groups as the agent chat hunt groups"
Global Director – Business Support
your employees with single-click access to your help desk using Microsoft Lync®. Click-to-chat support connects employees with experts in real time. Useful in IT help desk, HR payroll support, and sales enablement.
your service desk and help desk operations with Microsoft Lync®. Transform agents into heroes with "ask the expert" functionality, and immediately resolve common employees problems. Common problems include employee password reset, HR payroll questions, and BYOD support.
your agent productivity by escalating IM help desk conversations using agent video and Microsoft Lync® application sharing. Share video, applications and remote desktop sharing. Connect employees and immediately solve problems.
on-premise and bring Chime to life in around 30 minutes using your Microsoft Lync® environment. Free technical support to get you up and running.