Service Desk for Slack or Microsoft Teams

Provide a great service desk using Slack or Microsoft Teams

Bot Integration, Azure Services, Slack and Microsoft Teams®

Help your employees get the help they need using either Microsoft Teams or Slack. Start chats from their standard client and quickly connect with help desk agents located anywhere in the world. If you have already deployed either Slack or Microsoft Teams then add Instant Chime to creat a powerful chat based service desk
Integrate you service desk with Service Now or other ticketing systems and expose the desk to eitehr Slack or Microsoft Teams. If you are already running under Office 365, then use Azure AD, graph APIs, and Azure services to help with language translation, sentiment scoring, and other bot integration
your agent productivity and knowledge base with multiple concurrent chat sessions handled and resolved. Manage more cases with fewer resources and lower average speed-to-answer times and view real time reports as well as over 50 standard reports
Chime as part of your Azure subscription or access Instant Chime as a hosted service from either Instant or a hosting provider. Place Chime behind Azure Front Door, Azure Traffic Manager, or Azure Gateway as part of secure, Azure based deployment.