Leverage Slack for your Service Desk

Slack based service desk for productive employees and smarter operations

Connect your service desk and employees using Slack to get help right from the app that they use daily. Chat widgets in the Slack client allow for immeidate assistance from your service desk agents and/or bots
Service Desk
integration with Slack allows your employees to find help quicker and for your service desk to be more efficient. Get your employees past any roadblocks and back to working with short wait time and better equiped service desk agents. Optional integraiton with IBM Watson
your agent productivity and knowledge base with multiple concurrent chat sessions handled and resolved. Manage more cases with fewer resources and lower average speed-to-answer times with reports to show ASA, traffic, agent utilization, and real time dashboards
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and allow your employees to get help immediately and talk to service desk agents. Slack allows for employees to start a chat and talk to the service desk as quick as possible.