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The Enterprise Slack Help Desk

Offering expert help for productive employees and smarter operations.

Chime in, Get Help - Help Desk using Slack®

Quickly start a conversation with real agents without leaving your Slack client. Configure custom chat text resources with Slack dialog cards to enhance end users chat experience.
Enable your Slack help desk so that end users problems are being resolved fast using the Chime Virtual Agents. And easily escalate to real agents supposed end users problems needed more urgency.
It is not easy to manage agents and their complex tasks. Chime for Slack enables managers to assign custom skill tags to agents, manage their schedule, set up their chat routing configuration to make sure issues are resolved fast.
Deploy Chime for Slack under your own server. For example, leverage Azure Front Door and Azure App Gateway for extra security. Host your instance own your own server so that you have full control of your data.