Your Service Desk using Slack

Build, Manage, Deploy Global Service Desk using Slack.

IBM Watson integration - Service Desk using Slack®

Service Desk
Your employees spend their day using Slack to connect with colleagues and other services. Connect your employees with their global service desk using Slack to provide immediate help and quick answers.
Monitor the exact amount of slack chat traffic hitting your service desk, which agents are replying, and which questions are driving requests. More than 50 out of the box reports for full visibility into your desk
Monitor your global service desk in real time using web based dashboards. See how many chats are waiting, connected, and the duration of each slack chat session which is currently connected to your global service desk Manage more cases with fewer resources and lower average speed-to-answer times.
Take advantage of cloud based services, such as IBM Watson, to help deflect common questions and provide a platform for self service deflection. Automatically route, and monitor, chat conversations as they are transferred to IBM Watson.