Creating a Queue

Step by step instructions for creating a Chime queue.

How to Create a Queue

The Queues page is where you can add, edit, and remove queues within Chime. When you open the Queues page, Chime displays the queues you have provisioned, as well as some high level information.

Adding a Queue

To add a queue, click the + New Queue button below the grid. This will bring up the new queue window, where you will provide the basic information needed to create a queue.

  • Name

    A name for this queue. This name will be used in system dashboards, and will be displayed to users when they enter the queue

  • Description

    A more specific description of the queue, if needed

  • Mode

    Identifies the queue as being used for Testing, Development, or Production

  • Language

    Marks the queue as being associated with a specific language

  • License

    Select a license key that the queue will use

  • Web Client

    A web client to host the queue

  • Select Dispatcher

    Used to connect a seeker and an agent. Click to display a list of available dispatchers that can be used for the queue.
    Clicking the blue edit icon will select that dispatcher for use with the queue you are editing

Click Save to create the new Queue