Getting Started with Chime 2.6 Beta

We would first like to thank you for participating in our Chime 2.6 Beta program. We value all of your input and feedback and take everything into consideration so that we can produce the very best product possible to fit your needs.

1) First Things First - Check System Requirements

For Chime to run, you will need the following:

  • 64-bit Windows Server 2008R2+
  • SQL Server 2008 R2+ (SQL Express, Standard, Enterprise...)
  • 1 Lync/S4B account for the web client
  • 1 Lync/S4B account per queue for the queue dispatcher

For a complete list of the system requirements, visit the Chime System Requirements page.

2) Install Chime 2.6 Beta

A) Service Account Preparation

Once you create a service account for Chime, you must make sure that the account is part of the Administrators group on the server. The service needs administrative rights in order to run the Chime application.

If you plan on connecting to the database using Windows Authentication, the account used to run the service needs to be the same account used to connect to the database.

B) Database Configuration

When installing Chime, we will create the Database on the specified SQL server for you. At this point, we haven't configured the installer to add the DB service account to the security login for the database. Before you can successfully complete the configuration wizard, you may need to grant the account login rights to the SQL server, and grant the account db_datareader & db_datawriter user mappings to the Chime database that was created.

C) Lync® Online configuration

When installing Chime 2.0 for use with your Office 365 Lync® environment, we need to install the Lync® client on the server where Chime is installed. Before installing, you should login with your Web dispatcher account to and download the Lync® client. Once the Lync® client is installed, verify that you can login to Office 365 by logging in with the dispatcher account.

Install Guide »

3) Adding a License Key

4) Configuring a Queue

You're almost there! Now bring up the Chime application and here are the finals steps you must complete:

Getting Started Guide »
  1. Add Chime dispatcher
  2. Add people
  3. Create new queue
  4. Add people to the newly created queue
  5. Start using Chime 2.4! Initiate a chat using the web client!


Adding Routing Tags

Adding Suggestions