Introducing Chime 2.4

Instant Chime 2.4 marks the next step in the evolution of the enterprise service desk leveraging Microsoft Lync® 2013 / Skype for Business®. We have a few more concepts driving many of the features in this release:

  • Provide agents (CSRs) with great tools so they can deliver an exceptional customer experience
  • Provide an integration platform so that Chime can play nicely, and leverage, other systems
  • New tools to allow back channel communication as well as proactive enterprise alerts
  • Ramp up the web client experience and all areas that touch the customer

Main New Features

  • Virtual Agents - The virtual agent layer will provide integration via compiled C#, C# as script, or JavaScript in order to:
    1. Provide pre-chat integration with other systems - i.e. lookup customer’s email against ServiceNow, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, or in house ITSM solution and retrieve all open tickets and/or assign routing tags
    2. Stage additional UI in the agent’s context window based on the pre-chat lookup. This will allow agents to see UI from other systems based on the customer and/or lookup in step 1 (i.e. new ticket UI)
    3. Provide basic virtual conversational agent functionality (ask a series of questions and then assign routing options – scripted using JS or C#)
    4. Post-chat event handling – to allow Instant Chime to post the entire conversation, as well as metadata, to any external system

    Virtual Agents are such a powerful new feature that we've created its own page. » Virtual Agent integration.

  • Flexible Defined Services for Agents - Virtual Agents can also work with the new Agent Assist Tool to provide custom services in the Context Window Extension nav bar
  • Configurable Web Client - Features such as agent picture, logo, or form fields would be configurable in the app UI. Ability to have multiple web clients on the same Chime server
  • Enterprise IM Alerts - Send IM-based alerts via Lync® right from the Chime application
  • Persistent Chat Rooms - Used as a back channel for agents and managers to communicate. One each for managers and agents per queue
  • Outages - To be displayed in both the web client and system/queue dashboards and ability to turn an outage into an alert
  • Agent and Queue Pictures - Agents and queues can have photos
  • Routing based on idle time - Additional routing method where chats route to agents who have been idle longest instead of routing based on number of chats
  • Agent Assist Tool - Ability to auto accept conference invitations and context window extension support for Office 365
  • Edit past conversation's status - Ability to mark a conversation as resolved/unresolved and add additional comments after the conversation is complete
  • 'No Chat' option for agents - Ability to turn chats on/off for an agent in queue settings
  • Allow reports to have times specified - Date pickers in the reports section would allow a user to specify a time (HH:MM) to search for in the report
  • Add date selector to agent dashboard - Allow managers to see agent's past history

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Install and Get Started

Installation Steps »

For more information about using Virtual Agents click here » Virtual Agent integration

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