Overview of Chime 2.3 for Microsoft Lync®

IM enable your internal and/or external service desks with Chime to extend the value of your Microsoft Lync® investment. After more than 10 years of developing IM-based chat solutions for large enterprise help desk and service centers, we built Chime to meet the scalability, expert routing and integration needs of today’s social enterprise.

  • Support for Lync® Online
  • Support for Lync® 2013 on premise
  • Chimehub.com integration – to enable chat links on external web sites via the Chime Hub cloud based proxy
  • No need to use IIS – Chime will self-host the HTTP stack
  • Support for ‘standard replies’ and a configurable agent context window (via the Lync® context window extension)
  • Chime for Lync® has an API available to determine queue availability and wait times, which may be useful when exposing click-to-chat links out on various portal pages. » Chime API Guide
  • Chime Browser Compatibility
  • For Steps on how to stage an external web client using Chime Hub integration click here » Chime Hub Steps
  • For an easy to use Developer API click here » Chime API Guide


Chime-enable your service desk today and realize the following benefits

  • Increase agent productivity with concurrent chat session management
  • Improve employee satisfaction with easy access to help and seamless escalation from IM to voice to video or screen sharing tools
  • Identify trends through real-time activity monitoring and reporting
  • Add value and traction to your Microsoft Lync® platform investments

Feature Videos


Get Help Directly from Outlook® (1:23)
February 25, 2016

See how easy it is to get connected with the help desk right your Outlook client. All you have to do is open the contact info and click on the IM link and let Chime do the rest!

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High Level Presentation

Charts and Reports

With Chime for Microsoft Lync®, you can quickly render, download, and export many types of charts and reports about the conversations that have taken place within Chime.

  • Both managers and admins have the ability to view both system level and queue level charts and reports.
  • Managers can only view charts and reports for the queue or queues they are responsible for managing.
  • Admins can view charts and reports for any and all queues within the entire system.

Click Here ⇨ Complete List of Charts and Reports.


We understand Instant Chime will be deployed and managed as a part of a larger, more complex enterprise IT ecosystem. Our design-centric approach focuses on ease of use in both the back and front end of the solution. Instant customers leverage their existing Lync® framework with no additional heavy technology lift for a clean installation process and a modern user interface so help desk agents can be up and servicing employees quickly with minimal training.


Chime integrates with your existing systems allowing you to extract more value out of your infrastructure investments. With Chime you own both the application and the data. Chime pricing is based on a per-queue model according to the number of agents you can invite into a session for support. With other solutions typically priced based on a per agent/per year annual fee, costs can mount quickly. Our sliding scale supports an ROI based on increased agent productivity and leveraging your existing IM and UC platform investment.

Agent Client Windows Extension

  • View seeker details
  • Seeker history for easy access to past conversations with that seeker
  • Send standard replies
  • Send and receive files
  • Tag conversations with sessions tags
  • Label conversations as Resolved / Unresolved

Admin Area

  • Add and manage experts in real time
  • Create dispatchers
  • Configure queues - open/close, assign language, canned messages

User Experience

  • Web chat client
  • Embed customer ticketing or information panel for expert
  • Extend dashboard, charting and reporting


  • System level - view activity and traffic across all queues
  • Queue specific - high level and detail views with conversation filters, charts, metrics, and text analytics
  • Expert level - metrics and custom values passed to the expert receiving the request
  • Case level - conversations organized into cases

* Note - Chime is also available for IBM Sametime® and XMPP. Click on one of the links below to be taken to the corresponding website.

chimeST Chime for IBM Sametime® chimeXMPP Chime for XMPP